2021 International Convocation Day 4

2021 International Convocation Day 4

Welcome to the final day of the 102nd COOLJC Virtual/Hybrid Convocation hosted by the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. (COOLJC)! Join our spirit-filled leaders in devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ in the morning prayer session at 9:00 AM EST, a life changing midday service at 1:00 PM EST, a dynamic pre-service at 6:00 PM, and for a yolk-breaking evening worship service at 7:00 PM EST. We will worship Jesus Christ together in spirit and in truth from our own homes and on one accord throughout this blessed occasion.

Real-time prayer with ministry staff available at (718) 715-0404 from 10:30 AM EST to 12:00 PM EST, 2:00PM EST to 3:00PM EST and 8:00 PM EST – 10:00 PM EST.

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2021 International Convocation Day 4
  • Morning Worship Service District Elder Mark Sanders

    Having served for the past 23 years as the pastor of Refuge Temple of Christ Church in Lockport, New York, Elder Mark K. Sanders can’t think of any greater title than being a servant. Saturday’s closing Morning Prayer Speaker has preached nationally and internationally representing the Kingdom of...

  • Workshop with Elder DaQuall Graham and Elder Asa McClendon

  • Midday Worship Service with Lady Rubina Parson

    Lady Rubina Parson is a serious, committed, and dedicated woman of God. She serves as the Regional Mother of Region 12, President and advisor to The Living Church Ministries Women Auxiliaries (Missionaries, MDWG, and Women Council, Advisor and Counselor to the Women, Teacher). COOLJC is honored t...

  • Workshop with Bishop Dr. Henry Davenport

    Bishop Dr. Henry Davenport is the Founder and Pastor of the True Way Church that has existed since 1989 and is located in Nashville, Tennessee. He is an accomplished musician, and instructor at the Institute of Counselor Development in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee (Main Campus). He also has a well-known...

  • Evening Worship Service with Apostle James Clark - Part 2

    Apostle Dr. James I. Clark, Jr., is the oldest son of Bishop James I. Clark, Sr. and Mother Rachel Clark; the husband of Mother Shirley L. Clark; father of three children; grandfather of four and is a great grandfather. Service is at the core of everything Apostle Clark has done, having served in...

  • COOLJC Live Show

    COOLJC welcomes our guests to today’s post service. Led by our hosts, we will unpack the day’s convention highlights and hear from those who were there live as well as those from our viewing audience. Get ready for an engaging chat and chew that is fun, inspiring and uplifting that you won’t soon...