2021 International Women's Council Day 2

2021 International Women's Council Day 2

Welcome to Day Two of the second Virtual International Women’s Council Conference hosted by the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc.! Join our spirit-filled leaders in devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ through fervent prayer at 7:00 AM EDT, essential workshops at 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM EDT, as well as yoke-breaking evening messages at 7:00 PM EDT. We will worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, together in spirit and truth from our homes and on one accord throughout this blessed time.
Real-time prayer and counseling are available at 718-715-0404 from 7:45 AM - 8:45 AM & 9:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT.

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2021 International Women's Council Day 2
  • Morning Glory Prayer with Missionary Evelyn Barton and Mother Martha Davis

    Pray with Missionary Evelyn Barton & Mother Martha Davis and hear a word of inspiration from Apostle Sanders.
    Missionary Evelyn Barton and Mother Martha Davis are interceding in prayer for Global Missions. This prayer includes prayer for governmental leaders, church leadership and department head...

  • Join Apostle Bradford Berry for Evening worship and an Inspirational message

    Apostle Bradford Berry, Sr., is a native of Philadelphia, PA. A powerful and dynamic preacher, Bishop Berry has traveled to Sierra Leone, The Ivory Coast, Liberia, and London, England. Bishop Berry became pastor of Rehoboth Temple Church of Christ, Columbus, OH, in 2001. In August 2005, Bishop Be...

  • Midday Workshop with Mother Barbara Magwood

    Join Mother Barbara Magwood as she teaches Addressing the Needs of Returning Citizens from Incarceration.

    Missionary Barbara Magwood is a North Carolinian, and a product of COOLJC for many years. She is founder and CEO of a God-inspired, Non-Profit, 501c3, Faith-Based, Social Justice Ministry; P...

  • Midday Workshop with Sister Stephanie Marbury

    Join Sister Stephanie Marbury as she discusses Lydia and Self-Employment.

    Sister Stephanie Marbury is a woman of simplicity, she loves God and His people. She is the founder of Bridge Builders, Inc. This is a vision God placed in her heart to help bridge gaps between senior and young women. Sist...

  • Midday Workshop with Missionary AnneJanet Harpe

    Join Missionary AnneJanet Harp as she discusses RPH-Health Equity and Health Care During the Pandemic.

    Missionary Annejanet Harp is a Servant Leader and serves in her spiritual calling of the gift of helps and administration. She desires to please the Lord in all she say and do. She wants to he...

  • Midday Workshop with Missionary Felicia Smith

    Join Missionary Felicia Smith as she teaches on Martha and Manifestation of Miracles.

    Missionary Smith is in the East Texas Diocese and a member of Greater Refuge COOLJC in Seguin, Texas. She faithfully, serves under the leadership of District-Elder Marion Dolford as a Sunday School Teacher, Bib...