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  • Midday Worship with Missionary Stacia Davis

    Join Missionary Stacia Davis as she brings forth an inspirational message.

    Missionary Davis is a third-generation daughter of COOLJC, for over 35+ years, she credits her strong biblical foundation and leadership abilities to this great church. Her most memorable moments of servitude were during ...

  • Evening Worship with Bishop Arthur Jenkins

    Join Bishop Arthur Jenkins for Evening worship and the sermon message.

    Bishop Arthur Jenkins is the pastor of Community Church of Iselin in Iselin, NJ.

  • Mid-Day Worship Sister Jessica McRae

    Join Sister Jessica J. McRae as speaker for our midday worship service.

    Sister Jessica J. McRae is a longtime member of New Day Rehoboth Church of Christ in Jersey City, NJ. In her organization she plays an active role as the Vice President of the Ushering Board, and in the past has served as ...

  • Evening Worship with Mother Florence Maye - Part 2

    Join Mother Florence Maye for Evening worship and an Inspirational message. Our special guest for the evening will be TBA.

    Mother Florence L. Maye is the wife of the Presider of the Churches of Our Lord Jesus Christ (COOLJC), Apostle James A. Maye. Mother Maye is revered for her leadership, in...

  • Midday Worship with Sister Shardee Johnson - Part 5

    Join Sister Shardee Johnson as she leads the midday worship as speaker.

    Sister Shardee Johnson was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana under the leadership of the late District Elder Dr. Leonard Banks of Greater Full Gospel Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. This is the place where she dev...

  • Evening Worship with Lady Rubina Parson

    Join Lady Rubina Parson as she leads the evening’s worship service.

    Lady Rubina Parson is a serious, committed, and dedicated woman of God. She serves as the Regional Mother of Region 12, President and advisor to The Living Church Ministries Women Auxiliaries (Missionaries, MDWG, and Women Coun...