2024 International Congress

2024 International Congress

The 84th International Congress takes place in the historic city of Norfolk, Virginia in April 3-5, 2024. Continuing to progress post-pandemic, we are excited to welcome you to an in-person experience that is guaranteed to take you to ANOTHER LEVEL. This year’s conference is going to be even greater as our team is planning a dynamic three day experience with all of you in mind. There will be relatable Christian education sessions, moments of fellowship, unforgettable worship experiences. We hope that this conference will leave you feeling inspired, innovative, and empowered to take things to ANOTHER LEVEL. Join us for an unparalleled INNOVATION WORSHIP EXPERIENCE!
Real-time prayer available at (718) 715-0404 from 12-1 PM EST & 6 – 8 PM EST.

2024 International Congress
  • Rip Runway Fashion Show

    RIP Runway with Kierra Sheard Kelly at 84th International Congress

    Experience the electrifying 'RIP Runway' with Kierra Sheard Kelly at the 84th International Congress! Join us for a fusion of fashion and music that promises to ignite your senses and elevate your spirit. Don't miss this unforget...

  • Innovation Worship Experience Concert

    Innovation Worship Experience Concert at 84th International Congress feat. Kelontae Gavin, Vincent Bohanan & SOV, Patrick Riddick

    Join us for the Innovation Worship Experience Concert at the 84th International Congress, featuring an incredible lineup of musical guests including Kelontae Gavin, V...

  • Evening Service with Bishop William Wilkins, Jr.

    Join dynamic worship at iCongress with Bishop William Wilkins, Jr. proclaiming God's word.

    Bishop William Wilkins, Jr. has a rich history of faith and service. Raised in the Straight Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc., under the guidance of the late District Elder Hugh Williams, Sr., Bish...

  • Evening Service with Bishop Brian D. Moore

    Pastor Brian Moore from The Life Center Fellowship of Interdependent Churches in Charleston, NC at 84th International Congress.

    Experience the inspiring leadership of Pastor Brian Moore from The Life Center Fellowship of Interdependent Churches in North Charleston, SC, as he brings his profound ...

  • Mid-Day Worship with Pastor Brad Hamby

    Join Pastor Brad Hamby for a powerful midday worship experience at 84th International Congress.

    Pastor Brad Hamby has served the Kingdom in various capacities, from ministering to children to senior saints, and has shared God’s word with countless congregations. He currently pastors Restoration ...

  • Evening Service with Bishop Peter Edmund

    Join dynamic worship at iCongress with Elder Otha Thornton (Pre-Speaker) and Bishop Peter Edmund, Sr. (Evening Worship speaker) at 84th International Congress.

    Experience the impactful presence of Bishop Peter Edmund Sr., esteemed pastor of Timbrel Church in District Heights, MD, as he graces th...

  • Mid-Day Worship with District Elder Jeremiah Williams

    Join District-Elder Jeremiah Williams for an inspirational message at 84th International Congress.

    District-Elder Jeremiah Williams pastors Blessed Hope Temple in Spartanburg, SC, driven by the goal to fulfill the Great Commission and make disciples for Christ. He believes a true disciple knows ...

  • Mid-Day Service with Elder Mark Gilbert

    Experience the transformative power of worship as Elder Mark Gilbert, esteemed pastor of Refuge Temple Church in Jackson, Mississippi, leads a deeply moving midday service at the prestigious 84th International Congress.

  • Evening Service with Pastor John F. Hannah

    Join in dynamic worship with saints at iCongress as Pastor John F. Hannah declares God’s word.

    Pastor Hannah is not only a dedicated husband and pastor but also a renowned speaker and author who has profoundly impacted thousands of lives through his ministry, prayer, and dedication to service. T...